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On my 2003 Taurus all lights worked everywhere , except my rear brake lights, third brake light works, when brake is mashed in. that told me the brake stop switch at brake pedal was ok also could shift from park. if that switch bad no brake lights and cant shift out of park.the rear brake bulbs checked good on each side or at least I thought. the inspection guy also said. You said the BRAKE LIGHT indicator in the dash is not on. If you unplug the 6P connector to the sensor and the ignition is switched to engine running and the BRAKE LIGHT comes on, then you can check the circuit towards the front of the van and the sensor is OK. If no BRAKE LIGHT, then its the sensor or the ground. From the multifunction switch the turn/brake signal goes through a fuse and then to the left/right turn/brake light, they are on separate fuses of course. So if the turns work the only thing that bad is from the brake switch to multi. So you're really only left with one faulty switch, and it isn't common for them to go bad. Answered by Dan Powell. All modern cars are required, by law, to have two working brake lights. Technically, the third brake light must be tested. But if the MoT tester is unsure if it's connected then they should give the car the benefit of the doubt and pass it. I would recommend getting the bulb/wiring of the third brake light fixed. Dec 31, 2018. #2. Open the trunk lid and remove the lining to expose the back of the taillights and the wiring harness. As I recall, the wiring harness runs from the left side to the right side so if the right side is working, the problem is likely confined to the wiring associated with the left brake light. Brake light power goes to both right. 4 months ago Brake lights stopped working but third light works fine My friend noticed last night that my rear brake lights were not working, only the third one (at the upper part of the rear window). The normal rear red lights (not sure what you call it) works just fine. Do I get the dealership to look into this or it's something I can fix myself?. Nope. So now the dash lights went on again and the brake lights (all 3) aren't working, mechanic changed the switch again and this time it didn't fix the problem. This second time, it may have coincided (wife is unclear on this) with the car stalling on the highway and requiring a $750 tow. There are no OBD-II codes. brake switch sends power directly (controls) to the bulbs for both taillights and the center high mount stop light (same circuit). if all of these are inoperable and all of the bulbs are ok (no filament broken) then the switch is most likely failed. If your high mount stop works and both bulb brake lights are out, then I would check the bulbs.

Black to Denali light's black wire Dual colour wire (red/white or white/black) to Denali light's yellow or white wire For ezCAN units with 2-wire connectors (note that you may experience flicker at low-intensity settings): Solid colour (red/orange/yellow/white) to Denali light's red wire Black to Denali light's black wire. Location: St Louis. Posts: 18,023. Likes: 0. Received 405 Likes on 345 Posts. The HMSL and the cargo light are on separate fused circuits with nothing in common except their ground. Start there. The cargo light is supposed to come on with the running board lights (if equipped). Reply Like. # 4. In North America, since 1986, all vehicles feature a third brake light. via. Will the third brake light work if the brake light switch is bad? On vehicles that use the same lights for brakes and turn signals, a bad turn-signal switch can cause the lower brake-lights not to work. With a bad turn-signal switch, the third-light should still. The fuse panel behind the dash, access from the drivers door side of the dash shows three fuses, drivers side, passenger side, and high mount brake light, CHMSL. The same fuse is used for turn signal and brake light. Above it's claimed the turn signals work. The CHMSL has a fuse and a relay in the main fuse panel under the hood. The warning lights with the BMW display panel light up and go off for a few seconds when you bring the ignition key to the first stage. If the lamps that are illuminated in red do not go out after the vehicle has started working, this indicates that there is a malfunction in your vehicle and it is recommended that you do not use your vehicle. Start by disconnecting the wires to the brake light switch and jumper across the two terminals in the connector. Be sure you get the connector for the brake lights and not the cruise control. If the lights come on, the switch is either bad or out of adjustment. If the lights still do not come on, the switch is fine. Step 3: Gain Access to the Brake Light Portion of the Tail Light Assembly. The tail light, reverse light, and turn signals are normal 12V bulbs, but the brake system is a set of 6 very bright LEDs. The brake light system has the LEDs sealed into the. Re: Brake lights wont work, but third light will??? help please. (bluebora20v) There is 4 bulbs inthere back up, turn signal, and two parking lights. The light that goes into the brake.

50,287 Posts. #2 · Sep 16, 2008. Using a wire brush, clean the four silver colored button contacts near the hinges you'll see when you open the tail gate wide open. Those are what connect the third brake light to the brake circuit. They can look perfectly clean but they can get a coating on them where the third brake light won't work. This is actually indicating for my 3rd brake light not working. The weird thing is, the light will work 90% of the time then intermittently just stop working..then start working again. Bulb has been replaced, prongs on connectors checked, dielectric grease has been added to contact points yet never fails its intermittently will stop working. I have a 1997 E300 and my third brake light does not work but the two other brake lights work. THe fuse is good and I removed the housing and it looked ok and hooked a battery. If you need to use shiftlock button the brake switch is dead. If you don't need to use shiftlock button the brake switch is OK. The shifter needs to have the brake switch operational to move the stick into gear. The gound path in the trunk for the brake lights could be 1) loose 2) corroded 3) broken wire. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 22, 2011. OK, this is a first for me. I have an issue with my 2000 328i that I cannot find great documentation on here with a search. My center brake light is not working as has not for some time (not sure exactly how long). I did have some leaking around the antenna and gooped it with silicone (crude, but a. After checking the bulbs, crawl under your dash and take a piece of wire and jump the two sides of the brake switch together and then see if the brake lights are on. If they are, your brake switch is broken lol. MMWDMP • 6 yr. ago I don't believe that the brake light switch is broken. You can not determine if the brake light switch is defective in modern vehicles by pressing the brake pedal and checking the brake lights. This test can be misleading. The brake light switch has several contacts, as shown in the picture below. The brake lights may work properly, but the brake light switch may still be defective and need. In the middle of each 2007 Caliber taillight assembly there is a white section (backup lights) and there is an orange/amber section (blinkers). When I press the brake pedal only the 3rd red light (top of the window on the hatchback) activates. The two rear, red taillights do not activate. When I press the key remote to open, or to lock, the car.

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